The season of the great hunts

2 screens video installation / color / 16:9 / 2021
produced by Kaiya Collective in association with Odemà, 5e6 Films. With the support of Cariplo Foundation

A neighborhood on the edge of a big city.
In the shadow of the alleys the inhabitants touch each other. The slow passage of time is punctuated by the dark and deafening sound of a helicopter, a symbol of repressive power. The houses crumble, the walls scream and spy on the world with wide eyes as the bodies slowly slip into the dark, engulfed by a psychedelic and hallucinated night. The narrative is fragmented, the images overlap, the sound fabric distorts and creates connections, giving back to the cinema all its anarchic and subversive power.

Archival materials:
The idiot by Mani Kaul
Hands on the city by Francesco Rosi


Hemanthi Wicramasinghe/ Aram Ghasemy/ Bandu Sirilal/ Brian Ngugi/ Cathrine Ngendo/ Nandana Panagoda/ Anton Perera/ Zied/ Ibrahim/ Madeleine/ Sofia Aicha/ Othman/ Feade Kristo/ Tency Kannangara/ Anjali Fernando/ Sanju Perera Uyanage/ Nilanthi Thissera/ Yashodya Wellawattage


Camera assistant - Federico Allocca
Assistant director and assistant editing - Simona Cella
Lights - Lamin Diop
Actor coach - Davide Gorla
Scenography assistance - Gaia Zani, Chathura Madusanka
Editing - Suranga Katugampala
Sound editing and mixing - Shari DeLorian

Special thanks to

The inhabitants of the courtyards.
Daniela Farioli/ Nadia Zoller/ Sara Sacchetto/ Andrea Perini/ Marta Bertani/ Graziano Chiscuzzu/ Chiara Budano/ Janith Neluwa/ Adolfo Bellini/ Claudia Ciaccio/ Edoardo Pontecorvi/ Sherith Arasakulasuriya/ Judith Happuarachchi/ Aman Katugampala/ Nadia Levato/ Elisa Serangeli/ Mirko Zenati/ Gianluca Ceresoli/ Viraj Owattamudalige
Lab Mazzini/ Mercato Comunale Piazza Ferrara/ Brigata Abd Elsalam/ Polo Ferrara/ Fondazione Pianoterra/ Laboratorio autogestito Paratodos
Special thanks to the authors of the writings and drawings on the walls of Corvetto