We, Kaiya Collective practice, support and promote a constructive model of third way filmmaking that obsessively seek missing images that are capable of igniting new imagery and desire for experiment in the society we live in.
Our primary aim is driven by the urgency to create a true impact on the socio-political landscape through the novel aesthetic of cinema based on minimalism, and create an artistic language that can be influenced by the local and international communities.

Kaiya Collective works with filmmakers, producers, professionals, students and creative people who explore the language of cinema in their respective fields of Art.
We activate through different formats such as experimental film productions, documentaries, workshops, artist-residencies and such likes.

Kaiya - in sinhala කයිය - means a gathering of people for co-operative work in order to achieve a common goal. In colloquial terms the word Kaiya is also used to express the idea of aimless big talks with no results. It was a conscious decision to name us as Kaiya Collective, with the ultimate intention of make our big creative talks a reality.

Suranga D. Katugampala

Filmmaker / Producer

Harsha Disanayaka

Producer / Editor

Vasu Alwis

Costume designer

Simona Cella

Writer / Producer

Prasad Hettiarachchi

Visual artist

Davide Gorla

Theatrical and actor coach