Crazy Fish Sing

Crazy Fish Sing is a visual art book inspired by Suranga D. Katugampala’s Still Here, which received the Italian Council Award in 2023. The book includes reflections on creative practices by professionals working in the film industry and it explores the broader cultural and cinematic questions from which the film has emerged. Crazy Fish Sing takes readers on a mesmerizing visual journey through real, imagined, and affective geographies. The book will be presented at several cultural centers and research institutions in the coming months, including the University of Oxford,University of Concordia, MUDEC Museum in Milan, and UVPA Colombo.
Themes around which the book develops

Processes of participation and interdisciplinarity of Still Here's cinematographic practice, with a focus on cinema, urban and artistic regeneration, public art, architecture and video art.

Experimentation with a cinematographic language that revisits genres (cinema of reality, neo-noir, erotic cinema), integrates heterogeneous materials (frames from other films, archive materials photographic, video/audio) and reinterprets trends in contemporary cinema.

From real space to cinematic third space

Transnationality in contemporary cinema

Bodies and voices between fiction and reality

Independent cinema and public funding

Emergence of new currents of documentary making

Yogurt Editions

Promoted by
Terzo Paesaggio

Supported by
Italian Council, Mibact

In collaboration with
Kaiya Collective
Yogurt Magazine
Stony Brook University

Edited by
Simone Brioni

Art Director
Francesco Rombaldi

Graphic designer
Melissa Pallini

Prasad Hettiarachchi

with the contribution of
Ivelise Perniola, Researcher, Theorist of documentary cinema
Derek Duncan, Modern Languages researcher
Emma Bond, Cultural researcher
Anuradha Kodagoda, Film critic
Fabrice Dubosc, Psychoanalyst, Author, Researcher
Marta Bertani, Architect, landscaper
Federico Pedroni, Film critic
Pamudu Tennakoon, Urbanist
Matteo Binci, Curator
Graziano Chiscuzzu, Film producer
Paolo Benzi, Film producer
Loredana Polezzi, Linguist


University of Visual and performing art Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Musée de l'histoire de l'immigration (France)
University of Bergen (Norway)
Monash University (Australia)
Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Int. Film Festival (China)
Stony Brook University (USA)
Universidade de S. Paulo USP (Brazil)
Pathshala Institute (Bangladesh)
ICI Berlin (Germany)
Universiy Concordia (Canada)
University of Oxford (UK)
University of Sorbonne (France)
University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Prince Claus Fund (Netherlands)
Association Culturale Odemà (Italy)
Foundation Pianoterra (Italy)
5e6 film (Italy)
Mudec Milan (Italy)

An art book that takes readers on a mesmerizing journey through real, imagined, and affective geographies.

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